One of the most important decisions you can make is deciding on a photographer for the big day. With so many options out there, we are honoured that you have considered us. Directing a client and leading them confidently through the shoot is very important. From the first step to the final handover, we will ensure you an experience which you’re bound to remember for the years to come.

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What started out in 2013 as a small team of three photography enthusiasts is today an award winning photography studio based out of Vancouver, Canada and Coimbatore, India. With over 9 years of experience in documenting weddings around the world and having shot over 300+ weddings, we have produced some beautiful work for diverse range of clients. We always provide an un-compromised coverage. At The Memory Writers, we share a common love for all the tiny details in life. We can’t wait to get to know you.

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"The Memory Writers are hands down one of the best photographers out there. I can’t begin to describe how immensely talented these guys are. They made the whole ‘candid photoshoot’ a cake walk! Both my fiancé and I, being a bit self conscious when it comes to PDA, were skeptical bout posing together for photos, but Varun just talked us through it, engaged in conversation captured us in our natural element and just let us be in our own little bubble and he would capture us without us knowing and honestly those were the best photos I’ve seen (even better than those random Pinterest ones for real). They captured all our friends and family in their candid moments and the traditional photos were so crisp and the whole event was captured so well that honestly going through the photos made me feel like I relived those moments! I would urge anyone reading this review to blindly choose them cuz they have an extremely strong team and the whole process was so flawlessly easy!"


"Going with Memory Writers was one of the best decisions of our wedding. We were getting married amidst COVID's uncertain international travel restrictions period but Memory Writers provided us with so much flexibility that photography for the event was never a worry. Right from our first conversation with Memory Writers, their team was extremely kind and professional. I am still amazed at how patient these people are; to have calmly answered our million questions that were coming in at odd times from a timezone 12 hours away. On the wedding day, the crew added to the festivities and Varun even helped me with my bow-tie. We are in love with the pictures!"


Due to covid, we had to change our venue. It was a beach resort wedding with a hundred people at max. The team did a great job covering every aspect of the intimate wedding! We were able to give them an hour for portraits during the sunrise time and they used the time really well! With a hundred things to worry about on your wedding day, they make sure photography isn’t your worry. The team is highly professional. They know exactly what they’re doing. You just have to trust them and wait a couple of weeks for the album. The output will surely speak for itself! In all, you’re in good hands. Varun was really great and made sure we were very comfortable through the shoot! 🙂 lovely experience. Cheers!"


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Your dates will be blocked once we receive 50% payment of the custom package. We would love to meet over coffee to discuss specifics of the wedding. Do let us know if you would like to do this over a call.